includes eight (8) tarot cards + minimum of one (1) oracle card

50 USD // 2500PHP

PayPal, Gcash, or BPI deposit accepted.

Readings will be in the form of an audio file.

You will receive a download link for the file as well as images of your spread.

Existential crises and other multi-faceted problems. A potential- and action-oriented spread that reassures you of two things: that the Universe always wants what is best for you, and that you have the power to make that best-case scenario come about for yourself.

  1. You, Now
  2. What’s Hindering You
  3. What’s Helping You
  4. Where You’re Headed
  5. Where The Universe Wants You to Go
  6. Actionable Advice #1
  7. Actionable Advice #2
  8. Actionable Advice #3

The Crisis Sorter Spread takes a closer look at where you are – without dwelling so much on what got you there. What it focuses more on is your capability to leave a critical situation in order to achieve your true potential, and offers at least three actionable steps to get there.

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