Tarot Reader in Manila: I'm Reina, your casual conduit to the clarity of the Universe!

For a long time, I thought my future was in nursing. 

It felt like magic – seeing that my skills could save a life, that my words helped someone understand a confusing condition, that the time I spent with them changed the course of their story. 

When I left the hospital, the purpose found in being of help to others was what I missed most. At least, until I discovered tarot, and the new avenues of service that it opened. 

Tarot combined the two things that made my life meaningful:

the magic of words, and the purpose of healership. 

I hope to put both at your service to help you find the magic within yourself and be empowered to take control of your narrative.

1) Choose your reading

Explore the available readings and choose which will be appropriate for your question.

2) Tell me what's up

Let's have a chat! You can tell me more about what you're going through to give the reading context. You can be as brief or as detailed as you're comfortable.

3) Energy

After we confirm payment, your slot is booked! I'll be asking you for numbers between 1-78. These will be the cards I pull from the deck!

4) Surrender to the Universe!

Now you chill and I'll do the work!

I'll need a few days to record myself doing the reading and to shoot the photos.

5) Receive your audio reading

Once your reading is ready, I'll let you know!

You'll receive a link to the audio file of your tarot reading, along with images of your tarot spread!

Military strategists say that you must first know your enemy; philosophers say that your first enemy is yourself. Therefore, before you achieve victory, you must first know yourself.

The way I use tarot is simply as a tool to know oneself better, in order to understand your thought process and thus, make better choices and bring about your victory.

Browse the spreads below to see which one can best help you win your battle!

All readings are infused with actionable advice and good juju!


A spread designed to give you a deeper understanding of your goals and unlock your success.


A sneak peek into the blessings you will receive in the next year of your life. Treat yo'self or a loved one!


A quick'n'dirty spread for analyzing a puzzling situation by parsing it down into five bite-sized pieces​.


An all-around, in-depth spread for exploring any current existential (or other) crises and practical solutions.


A career spread for uncovering your possible sources of abundance and paths to prosperity.


A relationship spread for insight and advice about a situation between you and another person.

Hear about the magic from people I’ve helped!


My readings use simple language (and the occasional pop culture reference!) to translate the message of the cards.

The whole business of magic can seem too far out of this world sometimes; my job is to be a conduit for the Universe, and to make its wisdom accessible, relatable, and down-to-earth.


Each tarot card has a story, and if a card popped up for you in a reading, its particular narrative will be of use to you in your current situation.

My readings take the time to walk you through each card's story in order to provide context for the deeper wisdom they provide.


It's mind-blowing to draw a card that echoes your situation, but the magic of the tarot is ultimately in what you do after.

The intention of the reading is to break up an overwhelming situation into smaller, actionable parts.

The reading is meant to give you a clear and concrete perspective so you are empowered to make informed decisions.

The way I use tarot is more as a tool for introspection and self-reflection, and less for predicting the future. We examine your present headspace, i.e. x happened to you before, which may explain why your decisions today are y, which may result in z happening tomorrow.

Some spreads do include Likely Outcome cards, but that “prediction” is only the logical result of the choices you are making now. The future is not set in stone; your choices are always up to you. If you like what the cards say, you must make conscious decisions to make an outcome happen. If you don’t, this is a sign for you to change the path of your decisions in order to achieve a different outcome.

Of course, there are tarot practitioners out there who can tell you the day you’ll meet a tall, handsome stranger whom you’ll marry someday, but I’m (currently) not one of them! 

The thing about magic (tarot and witchcraft included) is that you have a choice in the gods that you call on, and that your work always boils down to your intentions. Certainly there are good/evil tarot readers and witches, the way there are good/evil nurses, doctors, lawyers, journalists, etc.

When I read tarot, I call on the same compassionate and wise God whom I’ve been faithful to since my childhood. I ask for guidance in choosing the right words, and for protection to keep the bad spirits out and the good juju in. Every reading I do is infused with the best of intentions and the goodest of jujus [sic], always!

Of course, if tarot does not jive with your personal beliefs, you’re always free to stick to the other sections of this website, or to leave entirely. Judging me or my clients for our belief in the tarot isn’t going to improve your karma! The morality of tarot can be debated, but it’s hate-mongering that is unequivocally bad, sinful, and the devil’s work.

The tarot is a frank but gentle mirror – the cards won’t tell you anything that isn’t already inside you.

If you are coming into a reading hoping you won’t hear something, perhaps this is an invitation to be more honest with yourself about why you’re avoiding the issue. (A common example, do you fear the cards will tell you to let go of something? If so, what are you afraid of that is making you hold on to something that needs to leave?)

A tarot reading will only work if you are willing to evaluate yourself honestly after hearing the cards’ advice. Just the same, if you feel you are not yet ready to receive answers, it’s okay! 🙂 You can always come find me when you are.

Well, I could be as wrong as any other human being.

But the tarot is a conduit to God or the Universe or whoever you believe is answering. And there are approximately 78 cards in a deck, so if you pulled a certain card, it’s that specific card’s story that you need to hear. If you needed to hear an answer that’s off by a few degrees, you’d have pulled another card, not the one you got.

There are thousands of tarot books through the centuries that have retained consistent card meanings – I think whoever’s up there and whoever wrote those books are less likely to be wrong than me!

I’m always thrilled to know that I’ve been of help to people, but my readings are not a form of therapy. I am not a counselor or a psychologist, and I do not claim that my tarot practice is part of the professional scope of nursing.

My readings are not a substitute for medical help or legal advice. Please see the appropriate qualified professional for your query.

Yes! I have read multiple times for strangers and friends abroad, and the result is as spot-on as if they were face-to-face with me. To strengthen my focus, it would also be a great help if you would provide me with as much context of your query as you’re comfortable before the reading.

Besides, we’re still on the same planet, in the same universe, and in the same timeline. We’re not so far apart. 🙂

Certainly (with their consent, of course)! They can tell me what’s on their mind, you can take care of the bill, and I’ll draw their cards and write up their reading. And everybody goes home happy. 🙂

I only do readings after accepting payment upfront, for two reasons:

The first is that being a tarot reader is my job. I don’t do this (solely) for fun – the income from my readings actually goes to our household finances. And as much as I LOVE helping others, I would also love to be able to feed my dogs and pay my bills!

The second and far more important reason is that tarot reading is a freelance service, just like the other creative work I do (i.e. writing and designing). And if we’re going to change public perception about seeing that creative work is a real job, and that creatives deserve to get paid fairly and on time, I have to be as consistently hardball about my payment policies here as well.

Y E S.  As long as it will be held online and we can agree on logistics, I would absolutely  L O V E  to do your event. Please send me a message at merrymeet@reinaxregina.com or DM me at instagram.com/reinaxregina to discuss!

Tarot reading is an energy exchange: you spend payment, I spend effort and time into drawing your cards, writing the reading, and editing the photos. Thus, I don’t do refunds because after I finish your reading, I cannot return the effort and time that I’ve already spent on it.

I know – listening to the Universe can sometimes get a wee bit overwhelming.

If you’ve got questions before we begin (or if you’d like to just scream about tarot and magic with me!), drop me a line here!

The Universe brought you here for a reason. It probably thinks we’d be good together!

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