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5 Fire Emblem: Awakening Strategies Based on The Art of War
You best believe nothing can make me feel like a queen militant more than a Fire Emblem playthrough. Booting up my 3DS is almost like walking into a war room, maps on the table and moving figures and all. The Art of War is a classic, timeless strategy guide that works in so many situations. Applying it to a fun tactical role-playing game is just another perfect venue to apply ancient principles that never actually get old.

Gateway: How Entering the World of TTRPGs Impacts Mental Health
“It’s more than just a game,” the tabletop RPG nerds will tell you. Even taking first few steps in a new fantasy world leads to strides in overcoming mental health issues. Real players share with us how, in under a year, tabletop roleplaying has helped them take significant steps out of the darkness of mental illness and into the light.

Review: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas (included in
The Hate U Give covers a lot of ground: the grim necessity of the Black Lives Matter movement, what it’s like growing up in a predominantly black neighborhood plagued by gang wars, struggling to reconcile that with life as a black kid in an affluent private school, dealing with unintentional and intentional racism from peers, and making interracial relationships work.

Manila International Book Fair Survival Guide
To get the most out of MIBF, you’ll need to pay attention to how you’re developing as a reader, and be more deliberate in using MIBF to grow in that direction. If you’re new to the MIBF scene, or if you’re looking for tips to make your MIBF trips more high-yield and efficient, here are ten humble bits of wisdom that I dare to impart.