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2018’s Top Budget Travel Destinations
Need a getaway but strapped for cash? No problem. Here are 2018’s top 10 places to travel on a budget (and they’re simply stunning)!

3 Things That Prove the Link Between Gut Bacteria and Mental Health Exists
Galen, an immensely popular 2nd century Greek physician, noted the coincidence of mental disturbances with gut problems like constipation and indigestion. These days, we know the body functions using so much more than three bodily fluids, but the association between gut health and mental state has only become stronger.

5 Wholefood Eating Experiences in Melbourne You Won’t Regret
Indulge in one of Melbourne’s wholefood eating experiences asap, and we guarantee your body, mind and taste buds will thank you. Oh, and, you best not be hungry while reading this.

All Your Questions on Fibromyalgia Answered
The more you know about fibromyalgia, the more empowered you are to make decisions about your health. You’ll be better equipped to handle your symptoms so you can do the things important to you and raise quality of life.

Feeling Frantic? Five Best Practices for Starting Your Morning Right
Mornings may get a bad rap, but we can re-frame our perspective on that by making a few simple changes. Here are five daily tips to start the morning right!
Get Your Balance Back: 5 Tips to Restore Equilibrium
While vertigo in itself is not a life-threatening condition, the disorientation puts the person at risk for falls and injury. The discomfort can also significantly impair quality of life. Here are some things you can do at home to ease your vertigo and restore equilibrium.
Is it Self-Care or Sabotage? How to Spot the Difference
Self-care becomes sabotage when it’s based on immediate gratification and paves the way for self-destructive habits. If you’re uncertain about the intentions behind your actions, look at what happens after. Does it leave you feeling energised and ready to jump back into the fray? Or does it create more problems than it solves?
Lacking Sleep? Here’s What Happens to Your Body, One Sleepless Night at a Time
Studies have compared the state of the body going 24 hours without sleep to having a blood alcohol content of 0.10 percent – you can already be considered more than legally intoxicated. So if you’ve ever been so drunk you can’t walk in a straight line, going a full 24 hours without sleep will leave you in a similar predicament.

Pack Your Bags: Travel is Great For You (Here’s Why)
Putting physical distance between you and your stressors allows the brain to sort the problem out in the back of your mind as you focus on other things – namely the relaxing scenery and exciting activities that claim your attention when you travel.
Too Much of a Good Thing: Why You Shouldn’t Drink Too Much Water
So, can you drink too much water? The short answer is yes, and this phenomenon is called water intoxication. When you drink too much water, the increase in body fluids causes an imbalance in your electrolyte levels inside the body, specifically sodium. This can have dangerous consequences.