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15 Useful and Unique Geek Gifts (All Under $100!)
Let’s be real, does one person need a dozen Batman action figures? And just how many Star Wars shirts from the department store can you gift someone without seeming like a cop-out? For when the gift-giving season rolls around, we’ve put together a list of 15 useful and unique geek gifts, all under $100!

20 Perfect Presents for Pokémon Lovers
Don’t fret – even Pokémon veterans sometimes find it hard to go shopping for their Pokémon Trainer buddies! No matter what your level of passion of the game, this list is here to help you shop for the perfect present for your Pokémon-obsessed friend.

9 Perfect Presents to Pick for your Precious Nine-Month-Old
In this busy, digital world, it can be tempting to sit your baby in front of a kid-friendly TV show or app. But at this age, it’s much better to give them toys they can fully explore with their senses and teach them cause-and-effect. And remember to use these toys with your child! No sophisticated baby toy can ever replace human interaction.

The Best 12 Souvenir Gift Ideas from Seattle
Take the time to listen to the cultural significance of your souvenir gift from Seattle. The Pacific Northwest is a treasure trove of history and tradition, and it’s worth choosing a keepsake that’s culturally valuable and has a story to tell rather than a random item that has merely the city name emblazoned on it.