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8 Empowering Reads for Women by Women
Ladies are at their strongest when they’re lifting up other ladies. Some women do that using their words and stories!
8 Filipino Women Slaying It in Science
The world is abuzz over Dr. Katie Bouman, the woman behind the black hole photo. Dr. Bouman’s achievement broke out a spotlight like a supernova on women in science. They exist – and some brilliant minds are at work right here at home! Here are 8 Filipina scientists who are slaying it today.
8 Instagram-Worthy Summer Destinations
These 8 Instagram-worthy summer destinations were chosen for their picture-friendly spaces, mind-blowing views, interesting perspectives, and colorful gimmicks designed to delight the photographer’s eye!
8 Sizzling Summer Reads this May
Vacations and down time during the summer season provide the perfect opportunity to make a dent in your to-be-read pile, or to add to it! Whether you’re taking a book to the beach or chilling in your room with the AC way up, here are 8 summer reads to look forward to in May!
8 Things We Really Should Stop Making Jokes About
The thing about jokes about other people is that they are always made at the expense of other people. And no matter how lightly you intended it, there is nothing harmless about insulting someone for a laugh and enabling anyone who’s watching to do the same.