I'm Reina: author, freelance writer, Instagram creator, and tarot reader in Manila!​

My purpose has always been about projecting outward – a call I once thought I could answer by being a health professional, and that I now fulfill by writing intentional, informational content and reading tarot for those in need of clarity.

I believe that writing is words changing the world, and so we have to choose our words responsibly, in order to affect change responsibly.

On the Internet, it is a daily challenge to write the truth and say things with kindness. Everything I put out there keeps in mind that a real person will read my words and impact their story accordingly.

For you: whether you’re here to engage or peruse my words, I hope they move you to change your own world, choice by choice. There is a real person behind every written word here, and she wishes you the very best of jujus and the power to craft your own stories.

Warmest regards,

  • Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Santo Tomas in 2013.
  • Presented our senior thesis, Self-Reported Level of Competence, Perceived Degree of Confidence, and Willingness of Public Health Nurses to Respond to Disasters at the Philippine Forum of Nursing Scholars in 2013; was awarded Best in Oral Presentation.
  • Attended medical school at the University of Santo Tomas from 2013-2014.
  • Trained as a critical care nurse at the Medical Intensive Care Unit of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Center in 2015.
  • Lead author of our case presentation on mitral valve prolapse; was awarded Best in Case Presentation that year.
  • Worked in hospital administration at Army General Hospital in 2016.
  • Main writer of the Army General Hospital Manual in 2016.
  • Author of Please Pick Me, a poetry book released in 2020.
  • Professional content writer of articles on topics such as health, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, relationships, self-development, and others.
  • Content Operations Lead for Bliss Drive, a digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles.
  • Writes regular book reviews for the First Look Club, a pool of reviewers for Philippine bookstore chain, Fully Booked.
  • Wrote listicles on new book releases and pop culture for 8List.
  • Wrote articles on geek and pop culture for Play Without Apology.
  • Wrote articles for The Lookbook, the beauty and fashion section of The Manila Times.
  • Contributed literary pieces to the UST College of Nursing publication The Nursing Journal and its literary folios, as well as to the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery publication Sulo.
  • Wrote reviews and did crowdsourcing for various types of content for Candy magazine’s Council of Cool 8 in 2008.
  • Won 3rd Place in the Copyreading and Headlining category of the Regional Secondary Schools Press Conference (Taguig-Pateros Division) in 2008.
  • Began my formal study of the tarot in 2017, and of simple witchcraft in 2018.
  • Started reading professionally in 2018.
  • Now a versatile professional tarot reader, offering online tarot readings to local and international clients!
  • Gave a free talk for tarot newbies called “How to Start Your Tarot Journey” at Fully Booked Fest 2020.
  • Visit my ever-growing Instagram for regular tarot content!
  • Enjoys historical fiction, dystopian YA, and military strategy books.
  • Lives with a family of two dogs and my doctor boyfriend in Manila, Philippines. 🙂
  • Art in carousel by Beyond the Linedt, Krizza Baguhin and Jimmy Chung.

Reina Regina has been my name on the Internet since 2009.
It’s a reference to how medieval queens signed their names in Latin (Anna Regina, Elizabeth Regina)!

While my work revolves around words, stories, and magic, I have also been enchanted by the concept of queenship. That’s what happens when everyone asks, “Oh, so you’re a queen?” whenever you introduce yourself!

I try to live up to my name by carrying myself in a way that is devoted to service, setting a positive example, and using my influence on the Internet for good.

If you’re ready to work with a queen, request an audience with me below! 🙂

The Universe brought you here for a reason. It probably thinks we’d be good together!

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