Fully Booked Blog: Reina reviews Circe

Circe was just a chapter in the life of the famous hero Odysseus, but her story retold by Madeline Miller is one for the songs.

Miller transports us centuries back in time with her elegant prose, enthralling reimaginings of character dynamics between classic personas, and rich attention to detail. We bear witness to Circe growing into her own – from an unfavored nymph child, to a woman wielding her sensuality as skillfully as a wand, to a fearsome witch that not even the Olympian gods dare defy.

Mood music for all my fearsome goddesses set against a world of men.

Best devoured, digested, and savored again, Circe is a story about magic, power, and womanhood – and all the ways they are one and the same.

This review is part of the Fully Booked staff’s round-up of Best Books of 2018, originally published on December 1, 2018.

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