Magic Manifesto

Here is what magic is not:
Magic is not Satanic worship.
Magic is not curses and hexes, blood rituals and virgin sacrifices.
Magic is not turning your back on God and getting your way through your own arrogance.


Magic is • applying willpower •

to bring a wish from the realm of dreams to the realm of reality, using prayer, hard work, and deliberate actions. (Basically, life.)

Magic is • caring for yourself •

because YOU are the conduit for your wishes, and if you don’t look after you, the magic cannot flow, the wish cannot come true, and change cannot be affected.

Magic is • forgiving yourself •

for all the times in the past you were unable to care for yourself, for whatever reason. Wishes manifest through willpower. Willpower is born from confidence. Confidence grows from loving yourself. And loving yourself starts with forgiveness.

Magic is • being honest •

with yourself. What do you really want? What are your motives for wanting that (and are they honorable)? What work are you willing to do to get it?

Magic is • recognising you are one with the world •

and that you are accountable for the changes you make while living in it – the spells you cast, the materials you consume, the comments you throw out. Magic is compassion and responsibility.

Magic is • your friendship with yourself •

It is knowing your style and playing by your strengths. It is practicing when your power waxes and resting when it wanes. It is setting yourself free from the guilt and conformity imposed by systems of old straight white men, and speaking to the Universe in your own way – and finding your voice will suffice.

Magic is • your friendship with the Universe •

Trusting it to align your circumstances to your desire, to make the correct timing obvious to you, to let you know the right things to say, to endow you with the energy to act.

Magic is • maturity •

It is the wisdom to decide what’s best for you, the openmindedness to consider what’s best for the world, the humility to hope those two wishes are the same, the courage to follow through if it is, and the serenity to let go if it is not.

Magic is • respect •

It’s avoiding the arrogance of evangelisation and celebrating the diverse ways human beings are capable of expressing spirituality. It’s reading this far and having some of these words resonate, and others not so much, and that’s okay; ultimately the person-to-person difference is what makes magic – and the humans who channel it – a billion distinct strains of beautiful. □

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